Our Why

When asked why two retired guys would want to start a new business, the answer comes easy.  As background, we both enjoyed successful careers in different vocations.  The common theme was that we saw many needs in our community.  Compassion moved us to find a way to serve those needs.  The question was how could that happen in a significant way? How could we make a real difference?  As we thought about this (over many cups of coffee) we realized that we could make a larger impact on the needs around us by bringing others into our passion.  The path forward followed naturally - let's partner with our customers and the charity organizations in our community. By marrying compassion with our love of great coffee, Cupper’s Choice Coffee was born. A coffee company that offers great specialty coffee while positively impacting lives through support for select non-profits.

The vision for this new venture would be governed by 4 core values that guide our business.

  • Most coffee produced in the world is done on small family farms. Therefore, consideration of human capital in the growing, harvesting and production of coffee was of paramount importance. This means fair pricing for the producing farmers.

  • Secondly, sustainability of the environment was an absolute requirement. We want to protect the land on which coffee is grown and ensure it’s use for future generations. We believe in earth-friendly growing, milling and the creation of sustainable livelihoods and communities.

  • Ethical standards that bring the coffees forward from those farms to market must be followed throughout the supply chain to ensure quality at every stage of the process.

  • Superior service to our customers in every aspect of our relationship.

These values represent quality from “seed to cup”. But there is more.  We believed we could find “value beyond the cup”. To complete our vision, we wanted our customers to feel their purchase of ethically sourced coffee could be more than just a good cup – it could be good coffee, doing good.  That is why a portion of every sale will be donated to select non-profits that we feature. We give you the opportunity to choose from a cause that you are passionate about.  No cost to you - these organizations receive a donation from us.  Together, we multiply the good.

We have summed up our love of coffee and worthy causes by saying this. Passion for coffee. Compassion for people.

We hope you will join us on this journey.

Tracy and Ron