Mountain Water Process Decaf

Most decaf coffees are processed using chemicals like Methylene Chloride that reduces the natural flavor of the coffee bean. Mountain Water Process is a process very similar to our Swiss Water decafs, where only water is used to decaffeinate the coffee beans. The first step is to soak green coffee beans in hot water to extract the caffeine. This also extracts elements we want in the final coffee, such as fruity acids, sugars, and fats and oils.  This solution contains both caffeine and the desirable flavor molecules and is referred to as “Green Coffee Extract” or GCE.

The GCE is next passed through a filter that collects just the larger caffeine molecules, allowing the water and the flavor molecules to pass through.  This extract is now 99.9% caffeine-free.

The next step in the process uses this extract to soak subsequent batches of caffeinated beans we want to prepare for roasting. Because the GCE is at the max saturation of the flavor molecules, it will now dissolve just the caffeine from this second batch of beans. 

Not only is this method performed without the addition of chemicals, but it produces some of the most consistently delicious decaf possible. Our Mountain Water Process Decaf starts with select Ethiopian Arabica beans that are roasted to a dark (French Roast) profile resulting in a rich, smooth finish.

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