Cupper's Cash Rewards

Cupper's Cash Rewards Program earns customers points that can be used for future purchases.  It is simple and easy to use.  Here's how it works.

Earning Points - Points can be earned in two ways.

  1. Anyone who visits our website may sign up and receive 100 Points added to their Cupper's Cash account.

  2. Every dollar spent will earn 5 Cupper's Cash Points.  Calculations are based on price of the product minus any discounts, taxes and shipping.

  3. Rewards can also be earned for referring a friend.  When an existing customer refers a friend, the friend will receive an email with a link for signing up on our website.  If the friend completes the signup, they will receive a $5 coupon code to use on their first purchase.  The referring customer will receive a discount code for $5 off their next purchase of $20 or more.

  4. Unused points will expire after 6 months

Redeeming Points

Points may be redeemed against any purchases on the website, when you reach a minimum of 500 points. Here are the redemption levels.

  1. 500 points earned may be redeemed for $10 off your total order

  2. 1,000 points earned may be redeemed for $20 off your total order


A visitor to our website decides to sign up and earns an initial 100 points. Going forward as a customer, as they accumulate an additional $80 in qualifying purchases they earn an additional 400 points. This gives them a total of 500 points.  The customer can now use the $10 in Cuppers Cash represented by these points on a future purchase.


Emails will be sent that show when points are earned or redeemed.  Current points balance and points spent are also available to the customer when they login to their account.

Click on Earn Cuppers Cash on our Homepage to Sign Up